Previewing papal visit to Germany

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Pope Benedict’s 4-day state visit to Germany this week marks the third time he returns to his homeland since his election to the papacy. It promises to be a very busy visit with the Pope attending 28 different events and pronouncing no fewer than 17 speeches over the next four days. Our correspondent who will be covering this papal visit is Veronica Scarisbrick. Susy Hodges sat down with her just before her departure for Berlin to find out more about the main themes of the Pope’s visit to his homeland and talk about where he will going and what he will be doing during his stay.

Veronica says Pope Benedict "is passionate" about the theme of new evangelisation and this visit to Germany is tied to that same theme. Noting that there's an upcoming synod in the Vatican on the theme of new evangelisation, Veronica says " it's almost as though the Pope wanted to lead up to it on his own home turf." 

She goes on to explain that this visit to the Pope's homeland also has a "strong ecumenical and inter-faith leitmotif " as he will be holding a series of meetings with representatives of other Christian denominations and other faiths. 

Listen to the full interview with Veronica Scarisbrick (Vatican Radio) : >> RealAudioMP3 

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