Faith in the face of secularism

church state.jpg"Faith in the face of secularism" is the title of an international conference which recently took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
The aim of the conference, which ran from 28th to 31st August, was to provide a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue about the relationship between faith and secularism. Its particular focus, the introductory leaflet pointed out, was a comparison of African and global forms of secularism as presented in the diverse cultural context.

The speakers were all leading religious figures and scholars both from the African Continent and from abroad.

One of the organizers of the conference is Nontando Hadebe, a lecturer in African Spirituality, Systematic and Pastoral Theology at St. Augustine College in Johannesburg. Linda Bordoni (Vatican Radio) asked her that brought about the setting up of such an event...

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