China - The Catholics of Wenzhou give aid to the wounded and pray for the railway accident victims

wenzhou rail crash.jpgWen Zhou (Fides Service) - Chinese Catholics were among the first volunteers to help the injured and yesterday during the mass prayed for the railway accident victims. Those who are helping are from the Diocese of Wen Zhou, in the Zhe Jiang province, where the accident occurred, and the nuns of the diocesan congregation of St. Therese, coordinated by Jinde Charities, the Chinese Catholic charitable organization. 

According to what Faith refers to Fides, immediately after the accident, Jinde Charities began to contact the local Catholic community to coordinate the rescue. Wen Zhou Catholics immediately went to the hospital to donate blood or on the spot to help survivors. The morning after the accident, on Sunday, July 24, volunteers of the Diocese of Zhou Wen and the nuns of St. Therese, coordinated by Jinde Charities, were at work in two state hospitals that receive the wounded. The nuns are specialized in psychic rehabilitation after severe trauma went to Wen Zhou. During Sunday Mass on 24 July, all the Catholic communities prayed for the victims, invoking the mercy of the Lord for them and for a speedy recovery of the wounded.

According to the latest update released by Xinhua, the official Chinese Agency, the violent collision between two high speed trains which occurred on the bridge in Ou Jiang in the vicinity of Wen Zhou, at 8.50pm (local time) on July 23, has so far caused 38 deaths and 210 wounded.

(Agenzia Fides 25/07/2011)

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