Vatican praises faithfuls’ defence of pastors in China

faithful china.JPGOn Saturday the Holy See issued a statement regarding the illegitimate Episcopal ordination that took place in Shantou mainland China on Thursday. In the statement the Vatican states the priest in question, Reverend Joseph Huang Bingzhang, has incurred the sanction of excommunication, having been ordained without papal mandate. Furthermore, the Holy See expresses its appreciation to all the priests, religious and lay faithful “who have defended their pastors, accompanying them by their prayers at this difficult time and sharing in their deep suffering”

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Below the full text of the statement:

Holy See Statement on Episcopal Ordination in the Diocese of Shantou

The following clarifications are issued with reference to the episcopal ordination of the Reverend Joseph Huang Bingzhang which took place on Thursday, 14 July 2011:

1) The Reverend Joseph Huang Bingzhang, having been ordained without papal mandate and hence illicitly, has incurred the sanctions laid down by canon 1382 of the Code of Canon Law. Consequently, the Holy See does not recognize him as Bishop of the Diocese of Shantou, and he lacks authority to govern the Catholic community of the Diocese.

The Reverend Huang Bingzhang had been informed some time ago that he could not be approved by the Holy See as an episcopal candidate, inasmuch as the Diocese of Shantou already has a legitimate Bishop; Reverend Huang had been asked on numerous occasions not to accept episcopal ordination.

2) From various sources the Holy See had knowledge of the fact that some Bishops, contacted by the civil authorities, had expressed their unwillingness to take part in an illicit ordination and also offered various forms of resistance, yet were reportedly obliged to take part in the ordination.

With regard to this resistance, it should be noted that it is meritorious before God and calls for appreciation on the part of the whole Church. Equal appreciation is also due to those priests, consecrated persons and members of the faithful who have defended their pastors, accompanying them by their prayers at this difficult time and sharing in their deep suffering.

3) The Holy See reaffirms the right of Chinese Catholics to be able to act freely, following their consciences and remaining faithful to the Successor of Peter and in communion with the universal Church.

The Holy Father, having learned of these events, once again deplores the manner in which the Church in China is being treated and hopes that the present difficulties can be overcome as soon as posssible.

From the Vatican, 16 July 2011

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