Evangelizo: daily gospel.org

evangelizo.JPGEver heard of 'Evangelizo', a web site which brings you daily readings, including the gospel passage together with a comment, a psalm and the saint of the day? 

As Veronica Scarisbrick discovered the site was founded roughly a decade ago by a group of French lay volunteeers, among whom Grégor Puppinck. He explains how this project which began by using the French language, now numbers up to ten languages. 

When asked who comments on the gospel, Grégor Puppinck replied: ".. very famous people, great authors who cover the whole history of the Church.."..

Veronica also discovered that one of the key players in this 70 strong group of volunteers is an American monk who helps out from the heart of his Strasbourg monastery... 

Listen to Vatican Radio : >> RealAudioMP3 

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